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Creating an Enjoyable Experience

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Contemporary Living in an Upscale Neighborhood

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The luxury of Space.

Welcome to Shukan Group

Founded in 2000, Shukan Group has grown to nationally recognized organization built on a foundation of hard work and dedication. Name of the Company- "Shukan", which means Good Luck charm. Our every project has been designed with an aim to spread good luck and happiness in our customers' life.

Shukan Orchid

  • Shukan Orchid

Completed Projects

Shukan Orchid

The promoters of “SHUKAN GROUP” are known for providing rich and Luxurious residentiaL a CommerciaL at affordabLe cost. SHUKAN GROUP is one of the fastest growing professionaL company in the reaL estate industnç with major pioneer deveLopments in the city.

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Shukan Gold

  • Shukan Gold

Shukan Gold

Quality and commitement are synonym with SHUKAN GOLD.

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Shukan Palace

  • Shukan Palace

Shukan Palace

A blend of traditional and modern day design this second version shows the level of luxury.

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Ongoing Projects.

Best things in the world are free" someone said. With even water governing prices now, the new interpretation of free is 'affordable'.

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Shukan Rise

  • Shukan Rise

Shukan Royal

  • Shukan Royal

Shukan Shine

  • Shukan Shine

Shukan Palace

  • Shukan Palace

Shukan Enjoy

  • Shukan Enjoy

Smile City

  • Shukan SmileCity

Mr. Ramesh Patel has more than three decades of experience in the construction and real estate industry.

Mr. Ramesh Patel, CMD and BOD

Mr. Mahesh Patel, another pillar of the company. Well qualified Civil Engineer.

Mr. Mahesh Patel, Managing Director

Mr. Vijay Patel, is having an immense knowledge of Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Vijay Patel, Managing Director

Dr.Romil Patel, well qualified MD Doctor, and young blood of the company.

Dr.Romil Patel, Managing Director

Ms.Hiral Patel (BCA), a multi tasking Lady of the Group. She takes each and every responsibility like a captain of the ship.

Ms.Hiral Patel (BCA)

Mr.Jayesh Patel, is a Structural Engineer & has huge Knowledge of supervision of all types’ civil activities.

Mr.Jayesh Patel, Structural Engineer

Mr.Nitesh Prajapati (BE Civil), has an experience of so many years as a project Manager.

Mr.Nitesh Prajapati, (BE Civil)

Mr.Minesh (Dip. Civil), is playing a very challenging role as a Technical Head.

Mr.Minesh (Dip. Civil)